Non-Supported Data Supports Commercial Real Estate Recovery,

The article linked below is so transparently misleading the publication should be ashamed to have even published it.,8599,2002880,00.html Analysis: I had to read no further than the first response to the reporters question that asked how it is Mike Kirby’s (Green Street Advisors, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) research firm) “data” shows values Read More

Fact or Fiction Is There a Commercial Real Estate Recovery Brewing?

Based upon what has been reported by the various media outlets recently regarding the so-called recovery in the Commercial Real Estate Sector…The real question is “what is the reality of an actual Commercial Real Estate Recovery?” If you just came out of coma of 2.5 years and read any business paper/section etc, you would have Read More

Commercial Real Estate Not Getting Healthier

There have been recent articles and reports that indicate the office sector is still suffering from high vacancy rates and it is not getting better. Consumer confidence plummeted in June. Investment sales have not really picked up despite some reports this sector is improving. Only the core asset properties which are 95%-100% leased by high Read More

Welcome to My World of Commercial Real Estate

What you will read on this site is straight talk and insight. There will be no hype just plain reality. Those who know me, know I don’t pull punches when it comes to speaking about the realities of the commercial market and those who swim in its waters. There is no agenda but the truth Read More