Welcome to My World of Commercial Real Estate

What you will read on this site is straight talk and insight. There will be no hype just plain reality. Those who know me, know I don’t pull punches when it comes to speaking about the realities of the commercial market and those who swim in its waters. There is no agenda but the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Just ask all those “smart” investors that did not see the coming of this second great commercial real estate depression.

There are those in the business that will tell you otherwise. It’s the same folks that bought all those overpriced low cap rate investment properties¬† and the brokers who sold them thinking there was only one way markets can go and that is forever upward. Commercial investment properties are going into default at a record pace and number. Granted some markets will do better than others…all I can say, keep your eye on the unemployment rates as they are the truest future indicator of the health of the commercial real estate market. I’ll explain in the next issue if you haven’t already figured it out.

I hope you will follow my comments and insight, as you will learn much about the commercial real estate business.