Why can’t people get accurate listing info when it comes to rentals?’

The below link is for an article posted in Crains New York.

It’s about a small start-up who is helping to get renters acccurate apartment listings.

She is working with a few City landlords who have feeds to her site so when a unit is leased or becomes available it will instantly show up on the site.

This is the same premise as what PropertyFuse  www.propertyfuse.com is doing, but it appears the commercial landlords for retail, office and industrial aren’t quite as forward thinking. Putting listings on LoopNet or Showcase for a fee will restrict the number of availabilities the renting commercial public can see. In addition the renting commercial public is being hindered as they have to pay very high fees just to search for commercial space.

PropertyFuse is COMPLETELY, 100% Free to list, search and view For anyone!!!

All property data changes are made and published in real time!

Marketing Materials can be uploaded and protected and taken down 100% by whomever uploaded them.

Let’s go CRE People!

The other services aren’t getting a less expensive.