Canter Center Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services

Bob Canter is one of the most respected authorities in the commercial real estate field. As a Gerson Lehman Group (GLG) Real Estate Council Member, Bob offers consulting services to answer questions for those outside the commercial real estate industry such as Wall St analysis. He consults about everything from analyzing specific transactions to the potential value and risks of commercial real estate investments. In addition to custom analysis, he is often called on to step in as an advocate, using the “firepower” of his national recognition and in-depth knowledge to help business owners navigate complex CRE issues and negotiate – and renegotiate – fair leases.

How the Canter Center’s consulting services can make a difference:

  • Investment professionals: The Canter Center can provide insights and clarity about commercial real estate trends, challenges within the industry, and market conditions, plus analysis of what the latest LoopNet or Costar information means to investors.
  • Franchisors, businesses, and entrepreneurs: The Canter Center can fast-track the process of finding, vetting, and “doing the deal” on commercial real estate.  With years of experience working with office, industrial/flex, retail, multi-family and hospitality properties, Bob Canter helps clients save time, money and headaches by alerting them to questions to ask upfront about everything from location and the quality of the asset, to environmental conditions, engineering requirements and how to structure the deal, lease or retail agreement.
  • Commercial real estate sellers, brokers, and leasing agents: With one call to the Canter Center, agents can get quick, expert help with questions they may have about a particular property, transaction or or lease clause (e.g., Non-Disturbance and Subordination, Subletting) or the proper approach to negotiating particular deal points.