Canter Center Commercial Real Estate Lease Review and Lease Modification Program

No upfront costs! The Canter Center can review your existing lease and help you negotiate with the leasing agent, landlord or property manager to reduce or restructure your existing lease.  A pay-for-performance fee is charged only if the Canter Center is able to help you achieve lease savings, and the amount of the fee is a portion of the savings you will realize through any lease modification.  The lease review program is available to clients in 50 states who lease commercial office, retail, hospitality, or industrial/flex space.

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How to use lease modification to slash business operating costs

Many small businesses — franchises in particular — signed leases at the height of the market under totally different economic conditions.  The Canter Center’s expertise gives franchises and other small businesses a chance to achieve substantial rent reductions that can help slash operating expenses to keep the businesses afloat in today’s turbulent economy.

Remember, since a fee is charged only if savings are achieved, there is no risk to you in asking the commercial real estate experts at the Canter Center to review your lease.

When does it pay to have the Canter Center review your commercial real estate lease?

  1. If you are a franchise about to sign a lease. The Canter Center experts understand both commercial real estate and how franchises work. The Lease Review Program protects your interests by reviewing leases before they are signed to make sure the terms and the property will comply with the franchisor’s rules — and will meet the expectations of the franchisee.
  2. If you signed a long-term lease during stronger economic times – there may be some room to negotiate lease modifications that bring terms into better alignment with today’s realities.
  3. If you lease office space under a “full service” lease arrangement – you may be getting hit by an unfair double-whammy of increases in rent and facility operating costs.
  4. If you just signed a lease that requires rent to start immediately even though it could take you months to get the permits, remodeling, and infrastructure necessary to open for business.