The Teaming of Multiple Business Professionals …Bringing Their Specific Skill Sets to Help Get Deals Done….And Better Represent the Client!

In today’s fast paced and complex business environment Commercial Real Estate Brokers & Consultants need to reach out to other individuals/companies/other service providers who can lend their experience and expertise in helping the CRE Broker to better serve their clients. This is what it should always be about, not trying to be the “Jack of Read More

Dismal Outlook for the Economy the Fed says

Fed Sees U.S. Economic Growth Slowing, Mulls Policy Options | Fox Buiness Response to David Repka on LinkedIn Group; Location Location Basis David you want my opinion well here goes… The short answer is there needs to be a change at the Top meaning this President has to go. Also the Democratic leadership has to Read More

Updated View of the Commercial Real Estate Investment Sector

A recent Costar Headline read “Rising Demand for Office and Industrial Real Estate Suggests Expanding U.S. Economy” Can this be true? I guess Costar did not get the latest memo about how the economy by any measure is currently at a virtual standstill. The small gains as reported are nothing to really cheer about. Yes Read More

The Commercial Real Estate Market A Common Sense Outlook

Based upon recent market data and looking at the macro economic landscape in the United States the following is my outlook for the commercial real estate market. It is not a pretty view and there is no bias in this opinion other than using common sense from extrapolating the social and economic events shaping the Read More

So where is the commercial real estate market really headed?

Latest Economic News Headlines June 22: Fed officials see the U.S. economy settling into a disappointingly weak recovery, and say they have done all they are prepared to do… July 27: U.S. Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Sink in June July 29: GDP 2nd Q shows an expansion of only 1.3%; 1st Q downgraded to .4% Read More

Commercial Real Estate Predictions That Defy Logic Here is a Dose of Reality

There has been several industry articles published recently suggesting very loudly the recovery of the commercial real estate market is finally at hand. These articles can only be deemed to be considered wishful thinking at best or a blatant disregard to the reality of the overall economic situation facing the USA and the World and its Read More

Delusional Commercial Real Estate Predictions

There have been several articles published recently which are touting a commercial real estate recovery. Many are based upon  recent investment grade  office properties  bought by institutional investors many of whom are foreign. This reporting can only be considered wishful thinking at best or a blatant disregard to the reality of the overall economic situation Read More