Other Solutions

The Franchisor

Franchisors are in the business of selling franchises. The quicker a franchisee opens its doors the better off everyone is. One of the toughest issues that both franchisors and franchisees face is securing real estate. Franchisors often cannot get involved in the site selection process for both legal reasons and because they don’t have the proper manpower and experience. Franchisees often time seeking real estate for the first time in their lives.Through our parent company, Performance Realty Solutions (PRS) (www.performancerealtysolutions.com) we offer customized training programs and seminars for franchisors. PRS provides commercial real estate training for agents, mortgage brokers and anyone else in the commercial real estate business. The information available to these professionals can now be taught to your franchisees.

Economic Development/Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development organizations have a tough time helping every member and company in their area with their real estate needs. Due to limited resources these organizations often times can only work with large companies’ real estate requirements.

Through our parent company, Performance Realty Solutions (PRS) (www.performancerealtysolutions.com) we offer customized seminars for Chamber and Economic Development groups. We also offer a revenue sharing option with the sale of our How-To-Manual. The organizations, when partnered with SmallBizVillage will get a portion of the sale of the manual. Now only will you help small business owners secure a location, you will make money too!